Specials & Perks

Our Mug Program

There is a wall of mugs that is the ultimate badge of being a regular of this community. Beyond that, having a mug that is yours and yours alone makes you special. We know your name. The other regulars know your name. New patrons envy you and want a mug too. Although it is easy to follow the rules to get a mug, it is still something that needs to be earned.

Everyday we draw 2 mug numbers from a jar containing all the mug numbers in the bar. If your number is drawn, then you enjoy $1 refills of beer in your mug for the day.


The 5 fundamentals of being a Local Mug owner:

  • Know the staff and the staff knows you
  • Tip generously and often
  • Do not start fights
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Come in at least once a week

The Local 50 List

This is a fun challenge we offer to all our customers. You can request a punch card from any of our bartenders and embark on completing the list of 50 beers and cocktails. Those that finish are IMMORTALIZED on our wall with a plaque they can design themselves. Come on, you can do it!

Happy Minutes

In addition to having a great Happy Hour special, we have an even better Happy Minutes special! Weekdays from 3pm to 3:15pm enjoy $1 select draft beers!